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How to claim statutory benefits

Login to your Solutio dashboard.

From here, click on Statutory Leave located on the left-hand side:

If you have not claimed Statutory Leave before, click the Apply for Leave button:

Click on the Arrow next to Employment Contract and select the Employment for which you wish to submit leave.

Click on the Arrow next to Statutory Leave type and select the type of leave from the dropdown list.

Each type of leave has different mandatory fields:

When all fields are filled and the proof is attached, click Submit.

Once you have submitted a request for Statutory Leave, you will be able to view previously claimed leave:

You can see the Contract for which leave was raised, the date is was raised, the date leave is due to start, whether you are eligible or not, the amount claimed (this will be confirmed after the company processes your claim) and the status of your leave.

Clicking the Magnifying Glass icon will allow you to view more details:

Clicking the green Plus button in the bottom, right corner will allow you to raise additional claims.
If you are experiencing any problems claiming Statutory benefits via the Solutio dashboard then please email your documentation to with your name and national insurance number.