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As you may have worked for multiple agencies, you will have noticed that the more agencies you work for, the more payroll providers you will have used. Using Teachers First as your singular employer gives you the flexibility of working through multiple agencies whilst maintaining the benefits of one tax code. We offer both Umbrella and PAYE payroll solutions.


Credit Application

Applying for bank loans or mortgages
is easy with our continuous employment.

Employee Care

We demonstrate a high level of care to our Candidates
through our industry knowledge and understanding.

One Pension Pot

Having Teachers First as your employer means
all of your income is paid into the same pension fund.

Paid On Time

Our candidates are always paid accurately and on time,
your money is as important to us, as it is to you.


We offer candidates peace of mind in difficult times
with cash advances when you need it the most.

Single Tax Code

With Teachers First as your singular employer,
you'll maximise your taxable allowances.